Rory Macdonald
Biographical Information
Born Unknown (age 25)
Blood Status Halfblood
Marital Status Single
Nicknames Unknown
Physical Characteristics
Species Human
Sex Male
Height 5'7"
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Light
Family Mr. Macdonald (father)
Mrs. Macdonald (mother)
Angus Macdonald (brother)
Somerled Macdonald (brother)
Eoin Macdonald (brother)
Jean Macdonald (sister)
Significant Others Alessandra Carstairs (??)
Pippa Carter (former flame)
Artemis Hollyoak (??)
Children None
Pets Unknown
Magical Characteristics
Wand Unknown
Boggart Unknown
Patronus Unknown
Extra Abilities None
Occupation Officer; Department of Misinformation (Ministry for Magic)
House Slytherin
Loyalties Death Eaters
Slytherin house

Rory Macdonald was born ???? to ?????.

Rory is written by Grace.